Golfers Tournament
This program contains everything you need to organize and manage your individual or team golf tournament, regular or shotgun start, and much, much more, all for the economical cost of just $79.00 per tournament. Even less expensive if buying 10, 25, or 50 tournaments at a time. 

Following are some of the time and cost effective features and benefits you will receive in implementing this application for all of your tournaments.

  • Create open registration or invitation only tournaments. 
       When creating a new tournament you have the option of restricting the event by invitation only, utilizing passwords, or by open registration for everyone.

      You set the tournament type - Individual or Team. You set the number of players per team, if applicable, and whether the tournament is a shotgun or regular start.

      You set the registration closing date, after which no further registrations are accepted.

      There is an area provided for a complete description of your event. You may use HTML code to customize the appearance if necessary. The description will be shown on the home page of your newly created tournament.

      You may upload your own logo to personalize the site. Your logo will be shown at the top of every page throughout the site.

      You may also accept travel reservation requests and enter up to four host hotels for players to request reservations.

      You are given the choice of information you require from the registrant. Simply check the items you wish to have completed by the registrant. You may also make each item mandatory or optional.

      You may allow registrants to update their information at any time in a password protected area.

      You may modify any and all aspects of the event at any time. There is also a help menu for step by step assistance in creating your event.

  • Create specific questions.
      Create up to 10 questions such as registrants' age, handicap, t-shirt size, etc.

  • Set up to 10 prices for tournament registration
      Include up to 10 costs for items such as golf cart rentals, umbrellas, t-shirts, caps, etc. You can also upload photos of any sales item with the option to make any cost mandatory.

  • Download reports to your spreadsheet program
      Reports can be downloaded to your computer through an attachment .csv file, emailed to you at any time. These reports may be opened in any spreadsheet program. You may select which fields you wish to download from the database.

  • Add sponsors
      Add sponsors and their logos with links to their web sites. You can also create sponsor categories. Sponsors will be shown at the bottom of your home page as well as on their own special sponsors page. You may delete any sponsor at any time.

  • Add links
      You may add as many links as desired. The links will be placed on a special Links page. When someone clicks on a link, a new window will open so that your registration site remains on their computer. You may modify or delete any link at any time.

  • Post tournament information or news items
      Post tournament information such as directions to the golf course, entry requirements, special policies, etc. All postings can be modified or deleted at any time.

  • Shotgun starting holes automatically assigned
      When registering for a shotgun tournament, the starting holes are automatically assigned. These can be changed at any time by the tournament manager.

  • Golfers can register as an individual or for a team
      For team tournaments, registrants can register the entire team, or just one person. They may also modify their information or register additional team members at a later date.

  • Send emails to registrants
      Create a message and it will automatically be sent to all registrants who indicated they wished to receive email. Use this feature to send updated or last minute tournament information.

  • Registration form includes term and conditions agreement
      Registrants must accept the terms and conditions of your tournament before they can register. The sample form provided in the Administration area can be used or modified to your specifications.

  • Registration form for repeat users
      If someone has registered for a prior tournament, they simply enter their first and last name and all previous information will be presented for approval, saving them the necessity of completing all the required data again. They may modify any part of the information if necessary.

  • Full e-commerce capability
      At the end of the registration process, all selected costs are presented to the registrant and they pay immediately by credit card on our secure server. A detailed email confirming payment is sent to both you (the Tournament Administrator), and the registrant, listing all relevant information. In the case of a sponsored tournament with no cost to registrants, simply enter 0 for "per player cost", and the program will bypass the e-commerce section.

  • Place links within your website for seamless registration
      Placing a link from your web site to the registration program, will provide seamless registration and information within your site.
* The cost of this application is only $79.00 per tournament.  For questions or additional information, please contact Bill at