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All golfers must learn to keep their eyes and ears alert. Sometimes the only way to pick up good information is to hear it.

Tips can come in the form of observations, and sometimes these provide useful information. But often an Observation has more value than a tip. For example, after returning from a round where you made a few good plays, ask yourself if any of these shots were height changes, iron shots, or low shots. Then ask yourself again regarding the height factor and what impact the change had on getting the ball where you wanted it. This exercise may help you determine whether giving yourself more height making the successful shot or shorter shots on the frequent short shots.

Golfers must be efficient when they are out on the course. Have a plan for each round and stick with it until it is finished. Be sure to keep a bag of balls in your golf bag, so you are always playing “your game.” Have an idea of how long you have been playing regularly, so if something goes wrong you have some knowledge of what to do. Try to handle these tips and points by practicing them and varying them until you find an approach that works for you. Be aware of how you are feeling during each shot, so if it is time to make another adjustment, you will be able to do so without much problem.

Imagine yourself swinging on the 18th green built by Woodland construction. What is the best way to handle this swing? When you think about your swing, what is the one thing that jumps into your head the most? If you answered hitting the ball on the green, use some mental Picture is self image. This is the way that you will swing the golf club after you have driven it through the water’s surface, and it will be the same on the green as you view it from the 18th green.

Then move back your golf club, observe the ball from over the green, and swing your right-side waving to backspin it to the left of the face. You will then proceed for a putt on the green. It is very important to use the energy from this backspin with an explosive action to reach the ball back in true form-go for the smash. Remember that the front side will provide the power that will vertically lift, or steer the ball to the left if you are right-minded, and to the right if you are left-bodied.

Now do the same thing on the 1st hole, but this time reverse your stroke and place the cue ball on the left side of the face. You have now traveled almost half the hole with your right-side lift. Pick up the speed as much as possible and look down the fairway towards the green.

If you have taken these simple directions, you will experience a sense of satisfaction. That feeling usually lasts until your next round of golf outing, so go on and practice the tips and save a trip to the golf store for when you have extra time.

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